Smallman is a Bulgarian band creating heavy, experimental, ambient music, influenced by the “Balkans” folklore. Deep vocals and Bulgarian “gaida” and “kaval” instruments bring a hypnotic atmosphere to balance the aggressive environment of the guitar riffs, bass lines and outlined rhythms.

The band is formed in 2001 in the foot of the “Rhodope” mountains which is one of the main inspirations for their work. The first album, self-released and self titled in 2006, is followed by several invitations from popular festivals in Bulgaria. In 2010, the positively accepted second album – “Labyrinth of Present” brings the band to some of the biggest events in the region, including “Spirit of Burgas”, Bulgaria and “Best’Fest” in Romania. The band toured Eastern-Europe in 2012 and 2013 when they visited Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

In early 2014 the band started recording their third album, which was released under the name of “Envision” in the end of May 2014. After several sold-out gigs in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria, smallman returned home to release “Envision” on vinyl in 2015.



Cvetan Hadzhiyski – vocals, bagpipes, kaval

Ivan Todorov – guitars

Stefan Penev – bass

Andon Trapkov – drums